ICT & Education

A major part of the social projects of Viafrica focuses on using ICT as (educational) material within the education setting in various African countries. Viafrica considers ICT education as an important driver for economic and social development in Africa. For this, we offer a broad package of services under the name of CLASSworks. All aspects of computer education will get ample attention in the various members of the CLASSworks product family.


With CLASSworks Infrastructure we provide professional hardware and software solutions for educational institutions, as well as training courses and three-year support.


Through CLASSworks Extension schools can order additional digital devices from Viafrica to enhance their ICT education in that way. USB microscopes or digital cameras, for example.


The CLASSworks Academy is a digital e-learning environment geared towards the national curriculum of Kenya and Tanzania.


With CLASSworks Online we provide schools with permanent access to the internet through mobile networks. With a modular content management system educational institutions can design their own presence on the web.


To support school teachers more intensively in their ICT education, we use CLASSworks Support.


CLASSworks Mobile has been designed for primary schools that often do not have a computer room. A mobile network of laptops, tablets or netbooks offers them the possibility to provide ICT education.